Germantown condo foreclosure, the Knolls

There are currently 10 condo foreclosures in Germantown right now.  Do your own searches for Germantown condo foreclosures or any others in Montgomery County on this website.  You can view without having to  give ANY of your contact info.  OR, you can choose to give your info and receive emailed updates as NEW Listings hit the market.

Below is an inside look at the condos at the Knolls/N Lke look like.


You can get a great buy here at the Knolls/N Lke in Germantown.  Foreclosures for sale and recent sold units have gone for 125k and less.  There is an issue you need to clear with your Lender first.  The condo delinquency rate is over the standard threshold of 15%.

Basically, FHA & conventional won’t lend if  the number of unit owners who don’t pay their Condo Fees on time… exceeds 15% of the owners.  The condo fee here at the Knolls in Germantown is right around $260/month.

Check back with me and we can see if the delinquency rate has gone back below 15%.  If not, I’ll help you find something else.  Ask me how to get into your home with $0 down & $0 costs.

BJ Matson, Remax






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