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Montgomery County Programs | Closing costs & down payment assistance

I get asked all the time “What closing cost or down payment programs are available”? On just about any sales price, a 20% down payment will do the trick.. along with good credit. The below programs are for those looking for low down payment options & assistance programs for closing costs and/or the down payment. [...]

cheaper than renting, $0 down, $0 costs

Riding a roller coaster is scarier than buying at these low rates & prices

So.. what ARE you waiting for?  Seriously. I just did a search of Germantown homes for sale and wanted to see what we’re looking at for a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome with 1500+ square feet.  Price range $290,000 to $310,000 for the ‘nice’ ones. Next I pulled these same requirements for rentals. Monthly [...]

true 100% financing. $0 money at closing

true 100% financing!  yayy!

..and NO mortgage insurance It’s the real deal.  This is the best loan I’ve found since USDA or VA.  USDA and VA are 100% programs with NO mortgage insurance, BUT with USDA your property must be eligible, by being in a ‘rural’ area.  With VA you must be or have been in the military and [...]

Montgomery County first time buyer

Townhome Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Maryland First Time homebuyer Did you know you may be eligible for Down Payment AND Closing Cost assistance? You also may be eligible for NO MONEY DOWN financing. There are local Loan Officers I work with who can give you more details to see what you qualify for.  If eligible, you can get [...]