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Find homes listed for sale by 3rd party Short Sale in Montgomery County.
Search new listings of condominiums (condos), townhomes, and detached homes for sale.  As far as desirability, short sale properties rank below Foreclosures on the Totem Pole.  Realistic expectations need to be set.  Have your agent pull comparables & do your homework.  If the Seller is offering what you consider to be a ‘steal’, you can bet the Bank is going to also do their research.  It isn’t uncommon when a Seller lists the home price too low, for the Bank to come back (after waiting 45-60 days) and say they’ll do it BUT for a price $15,000 higher than what Seller listed it for.  I use 15k because this is what happened to one of my buyers…  this number can be lower or higher.
Short Sale homes will get you about a 10% discount if it works out.  You must be willing to wait 3 months minimum, or don’t even consider starting the process.

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